Isoform sequencing (Iso-Seq), developed by PacBio SMRT with long reads, provides full-length cDNA sequences reads spanning entire transcript isoforms from the 5’ end to the polyA-tail. This database is a comprehensive resource for hosting, analyzing Iso-Seq datasets in-depth and visualizing the full-length transcript isoforms. The current version of ISOdb has collected 93 publicly available Iso-Seq samples from 8 species, which were processed and analyzed by a unified pipeline. The outputs of ISOdb are presented in two levels. 1) Sample level: including meta information, reads distribution, isoform numbers and alternative splicing events of each sample, which are displayed in the Browse; 2) Gene level: including the total isoform, novel isoform number and novel alternative splicing (AS) number for each gene, which are shown in the gene search result. To explore more information of isoform, ISOdb provides a genome browser to query and visualize the full length reads coverage and the transcript isoforms.

  • Sample updates
    [2018-03-05] ISOdb analysed 58 samples from Gallus gallus
    [2018-01-26] All collected samples analysis completed and updated
    [2017-08-25] The newly 13 samples from human were downloaded
    [2017-05-18] Iso-Seq datasets of 22 samples from 6 species were collected.